Interaction Design

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Interaction design is about creating a functional product. To ensure that the product is user-friendly, user research is being conducted.

Interaction Design examples

Below a few examples of our work.

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Interaction Design

What we can do for you:

Target group research

What does the target group actually want? How should we market our new product? These questions are answered in our market research.


Wireframes are building plans for a digital product. Just like with a building, the functionalities are first considered before the actual design starts.

Designing and building prototypes

After setting goals and designing wireframes a prototype can be built. This is a design that feels more or less like the real product. Own Identity has experience with various tools with which the prototype can be easily developed.

User tests

After researching and designing your product, it will be tested with users. In this usability test, the user-friendliness and appearance of the product is tested to see how much they fit with (future) users.